Oignon Espagnol Jaune - Ferme René Lussier
Oignon Espagnol Jaune - Ferme René Lussier

Yellow Spanish Onions


Ferme René Lussier

The Spanish onion is considered one of the oldest cultivated root vegetables and also one of the most used in cooking as a condiment and as a raw vegetable in addition to having many medicinal properties.

 The Spanish onion is a large (3 in. And larger) onion that is very juicy, with a mild, sweet flavor. It is the largest of the onions, its shape is round and its color varies in white, yellow or red.

 The Spanish onion is very nutritious and it has multiple benefits for the body, including bacteriostatic action (hence its usefulness in marinades) and beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. It is said to be diuretic, antibiotic, antiscorbutic and stimulant.