Herbes à Potage 1642 - 25gr - Ferme René Lussier
Herbes à Potage 1642 - 25gr - Ferme René Lussier

Soup Herbs 1642 (25gr)


Epices de cru

The 1642 blend is a creation inspired by the time when European settlers arrived, which we developed for the 375th anniversary of Montreal. It combines aromatic spices such as mace and black pepper with herbs native to Quebec and herbs from Europe. It is a versatile mix that can be used in soups as well as stews, stews, pork or vegetable dishes.

Thanks to detailed research on the food culture of Quebec of yesteryear, museum archives and 17th century French cookbooks, we can quite precisely define the flavors that predominated in the kitchen at the time of the founding of the city. from Montreal. History lets us imagine that food was scarce, seasonings more so, and that it took effort and creativity to prepare a satisfying meal. Spices and aromatics were either imported, cultivated, or wild and their availability was very variable..