Fleur de Sel de Bali - Ferme René Lussier
Fleur de Sel de Bali - Ferme René Lussier

Bali Salt Flower (75gr)


Epices de cru

A fine and crunchy fleur de sel, dried in the sun in the trunks of coconut palms.

The way salt is harvested in Bali has changed very little over time; this is what makes it, even today, a salt of exceptional quality. The sea water is filtered several times through black sand to obtain, by evaporation, a very concentrated brine. This brine is then poured into the trunks of coconut palms and the fleur de sel crystals begin to form on the surface. They are then harvested with care. It must also be said that the strait that separates the island of Bali from that of Lombok is very deep and rich in coral reefs, which greatly contributes to the richness and purity of the water and gives this fleur de sel its characteristic taste. To be used as a finishing touch, on all your dishes.