Cannelle 00000 Sri Lanka - 25g - Ferme René Lussier
Cannelle 00000 Sri Lanka - 25g - Ferme René Lussier

Cinnamon 00000 Sri Lanka (25g)


Epices de cru

The best grade of real cinnamon, specially selected for us.

Real Ceylon cinnamon, often confused with cassia, is the thin skin between the wood and bark of the cinnamon tree. It has a more complex and less aggressive scent than breakage. Very thin, it breaks up into shavings by rolling it between the fingers. Like pepper, a hint of real cinnamon is a great addition to most dishes. Use more generous amounts for curries, desserts and casseroles. Grade 00 is the standard for very good quality cinnamon. Grade 00000 constitutes the best existing quality of this queen spice. The one we offer you is extra-fine, specially selected for us by our producer in the village of Cinnamon, Sri Lanka.