Who are we


Our Story

Ferme René Lussier is an agricultural and maple syrup business. Each member of the family works actively to ensure the sustainability of the farm. France and René pass on their experiences and values to their children. Alexandre, the eldest son, takes care of the maple grove and ensures the health of the maple trees. Dominic, independently supports the family farm by producing tasty ancestral tomatoes. Andrée-Anne, the youngest of the family, sees to the marketing of products at their kiosk located at the Jean-Talon market.


The Kiosk

32 years ago France and René had the desire to share and make accessible the fruit of their work. Every morning, they went to the Jean-Talon market with a shipment of tomatoes, eggplants and sweet corn. Over the years, they have established themselves and earned a good reputation in the market. Gradually, France and René bequeath to Alexandre, Dominic and Andrée-Anne the responsibility of improving the family business.


The Sugar Shack

At the end of the 1800s, a station was built in the village of Saint-Damase making it possible to take the train to travel. Around 1975, a relative of the family donated the building to René's father, Mr. Jean-Claude Lussier, maple syrup producer. It was at this time that the station was moved and then transformed into a sugar refinery. After 6 generations, the Lussier maple grove now has around 12,000 taps on tubing, spread over the North Flank of the Rougemont mountain.